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Old Parks News Brief

27th Edition, September 2017

Gary Austin

Bowls section - Chairperson

Old Parktonian Bowlers on Top!

In this seasons Saturday Bowls League, Old Parks teams feared extremely well.
Men’s League
1st side won 2nd division
2nd side won 3rd division
3rd side finished well in 4th division.
This is probably the first time that Old Parks have had two teams winning their respective division
Ladies league
1st side playing in 1st Division maintained their 1st division status
2nd side playing in 2nd division for the first time did well to finish in the top half of the table
It was not only in league where Old Parks performed well but also in a very competitive mixed trips tournament hosted by Old Edwardians with two Parks sides finishing 1st and 2nd .

Although the bowling section has lost a number of members over the past few seasons the competitiveness and strength of the current members is phenomenal and bodes well for the upcoming new season which is going to see a lot of changes and new challenges.

The social side of the section remains positive as usual and it is generally the bowlers who are always game to join in with club activities as well as putting on a number of their own fun days. This past intersection fun day was a prime example when we had some 130 people, club members and their families trying their hand at bowls. We encourage all members from all sections to give bowls a go and you will be amazed at how enjoyable it can be and the genuine bowlers are always happy to help out.

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Upcoming Events:

Quiz Night - 7 October