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Netball Fast 5 Introduced

Netball Fast 5 @ Old Parks

We have officially launched an Opening of the Netball Fast 5 on Saturday 18 April, we had two provincial teams that did a demo game to demonstrate how the Netball Fast 5 game is played.

Everyone that came through had a great day where they enjoyed themselves and also participated in a mini-tournament that was taking place on the day even the Club put through a team to try it out!

Fast5 is a faster format of netball featuring shortened games and goals worth multiple points, which has been developed for a new international netball competition, the World Netball Series.

Each side only have five players on the court, compared with seven in normal netball competition.

Each quarter lasts only six minutes, compared with 15 minutes in normal international netball competition. Teams will be allowed to use rolling substitutions, with no stoppages in play per substitution and with unlimited substitutions per quarter.

Each team can separately nominate one "power play" quarter, in which each goal scored by that team counts for double points. This is somewhat similar to powerplays in One Day International and Twenty20 cricket.

The goal shooter (GS) and goal attack (GA) may shoot goals from outside the shooting circle. These goals count for two points if scored from inside the outer zone and three points if scored in the super shot zone; in a power-play quarter, they would count for four and six points respectively.

After each goal, the team that conceded the goal takes the next centre pass; teams alternate taking the first centre pass of each quarter.

Tied games are decided by penalty shoot-outs, similar to those in association football.