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About the Football section

Development at the Club

Development at Old Parks FC refers not only to development of a soccer player but also of an individual, teaching both soccer skills and life skills. At Old Parks, in line with our coaching syllabus, we ensure that as players mature the development process continues, ultimately producing more skillful players who have good sound technique.

Players from all levels participate in an active healthy lifestyle attending scheduled training sessions and matches.

Old Park’s vision is to constantly improve its development process and knowledge of its coaches, thus ultimately improving the quality of players who possess varying abilities and skill levels.

The players who represent Old Parks are from various cultural backgrounds, working together, they form solid relationships, display a natural understanding for each other and learn co-operation, cementing friendships both on and off the field of play.

Coaching structure

In an effort to achieve the above, as a club we identified some years ago the need to not only improve our coaching standards which we believe will ultimately improve our player standards, but also structure what we coach to a player on the technical and tactical sides.

Thus Old Parks FC adopted a technical training syllabus, which the coaches use as a guideline to ensure that the young players are developed in accordance with, not only their physical abilities, but also their mental abilities.

Old Parks FC consists of four sub-sections, those being “Little League” - U6 through to U10; “Juniors” - U11 through to U17; through to veterans; and “Ladies”. It is our belief that each section in our club is dependent on the other and as such we encourage the sections to assist each other wherever possible. Ladies also coach the junior team of age U6 and U8.