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The Old Parktonian Association was formed in April, 1925 after a cricket match played against the school. For a few years friendly soccer matches were played, and annual dances, dinner, smokers and picnics were held. The first annual dinner took place in 1926 and the formation of soccer section was in 1928, the cricket section in 1931.

At the beginning of 1939 the first sports ground of 18.5 acres were bought in Bedfordview for 2.250 pounds. This is the site where the Catholic Church and school stand today at Victory Park. The cattle shed was our clubhouse and the grounds was leveled by means of coco pans, rail lines and convicts: There were no bulldozers in those days. The first cricket match was played in 1940, and all activities were suspended due to the war.

In 1958 our present Sports grounds in Randburg was bought for 11.000 pounds, and in the same year the Old Girls Association agreed to amalgamate with the Old Boys and as a result the Old Parktonian Association was constituted. On 25 September 1960 the grounds at Bordeaux were officially opened by MR Yates and Ms McGregor, Headmaster and Headmistress of Parktown Boys and Parktown Girls High School respectively.

The Club consisted of five sub-sections and this facilities, and membership have grown quite dramatically and the following Sporting codes are present at the club - with around 1050 registered members.


In 1986 the Rand Athletics Club established their base at Old Parks, with weekly time trial runs and annual races including the RAC 10km race, Spar Ladies race and the 32km Tough One Race.

In 2010 the tennis and squash section was unfortunately closed due to dwindling numbers. The club decided to diversify its services to the community: In 2010 and 2011 saw exciting partnerships being formed with Africa United where three of the tennis courts were converted to Indoor Soccer courts and Active Lifestyle Solutions converting the Squash courts to a fully commercial Training facility for GSL & Fitness Centre.