Rand Athletic Club (RAC)

Old Parks

Rand Athletic Club (RAC)

Rand Athletic Club (RAC) is the biggest and one of the oldest clubs in the country with a membership of close to 1 000 runners and walkers. Over the years, many well-known faces and talented runners have been part of this club, which started way back in 1972.

It is a club known for its rich running tradition and its huge attendance at time trial evenings; about 200 runners gather at the Old Parks clubhouse every Tuesday evening to partake in the time trial. This is open for any runner or walker. 

Long runs happen each Sunday from the Old Parktonian Sports Club and high profile Comrades runners regularly have informative talks about training, nutrition and more.

RAC hosts two annual club events: 

  • RAC 10km run in May, and the famous (and feared)
  • RAC 32km Tough One in November

For more information visit www.rac.co.za or Facebook group RAC-Rand Athletic Club. You can keep in contact with RAC in a number of ways. On this website you will find the club’s contact page, past newsletters, the club-run roster, the club-run maps (work in progress), the all-important license and renewal forms, as well as some snippets to read.

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