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Old Parks

Strength Training & Cycling

Robbie McIntosh is a qualified strength and fitness trainer and a level 2 cycle coach exercise science and diploma in personal training and he offers kettle bell sessions and boot camps on the fields on Fridays at 6am. He has been a professional sportsman for the past 30 years winning many races across the world. He was living abroad training and cycling competing in races with professional cyclists that is where he obtained a vast amount of knowledge and experience and shares with other cyclists, clients and the Exxaro mine development riders that he coaches at the cycle camps and sets up programs for them.  Full gym facilities and indoor cycling with the latest smart trainers available at Old parks. Robbie is your first choice coach whether you are a beginner or experienced cyclist with a MTB skills and endurance for races and tours. There is a cycling club at Old Parks which offers outrides, cycle camps take place at Misty Valley Lodge where cyclists get optimal training at high altitude in the most beautiful setting and the whole family is welcome. Parys Edwards, a provincial hockey player and a world champion in Triathlon has joined the team as experienced physiotherapist with her consultation room at the Fitness Centre.

We are open Monday to Friday – for more information you can contact Robbie McIntosh on 082 444 9918 or fitnesstrainingoldparks@gmail.com.  

Gavin Horton Biokineticist

Gavin Horton is practice owner of G.Horton Biokineticist and Gemini Sports Science. Gavin works across a wide scope of practice from orthopedic rehabilitation and chronic disease management through to strength and high performance training for athletes. Gavin comes from an endurance sports background representing South Africa in long distance triathlon but also worked as strength and conditioning coach for the University of Johannesburgs’ rugby 1st team.

Gemini Sports Science specialises in strength, power and speed training for endurance athletes and Gavin recently oversaw Alex Harris’ strength and conditioning program that led to him breaking the Freedom Challenge record by going under the10-day mark for the first time in the races’ history. Gavin is also extensively involved in ultra endurance races like The Munga mountain bike race.

Whether your journey is one of recovery post surgery or prepping for your next adventure, give Gavin a call and he’ll help you to take the first steps on that journey.

Monday – Friday from 06h00 – 18h00. For any queries please feel free to come in and see us or contact Gavin on 083 307 7384 / gavhorton2@gmail.com 

Concept Cardio

Concept Cardio is a dynamic new workout that combines the world renowned Concept2 RowErg, BikeErg and SkiErg with functional movements in coach led, 45 minute, total body workouts. Our brand of fitness is designed to be simple, fun, challenging and effective, catering to anyone, regardless of age, experience, or lifestyle.

We have created a full body training program using the high calorie burning Concept2 Ergs along with simple BUT highly effective functional strength movements, allowing for a low impact, yet high value workout in every session.

Whilst the focus of the workout is cardio, the mix of movements, machinery and equipment sees an increase in overall fitness throughout each coach lead session.

Concept Cardio is only one of the offerings – with Personal Training – focusing on Goal Setting, Weight Loss, Sporting & Physical Performance, Functional Fitness, Strength & Conditioning – also all available on request at HPC – Sandton.

We already work closely with many endurance athletes -running, cycling, triathlon, obstacle course racing, etc.– that greatly benefit from all the offerings at the centre.

Physiotherapy, Biokinetics, Rehabilitation, Massage– will be available at HPC-Sandton in the very near future.

We are open Monday to Saturday – for more information have a look at our website, www.conceptcardio.com or you can contact us on 082 605 1150 or conceptcardiosandton@gmail.com.

Deidre Ras Biokineticists

Deidre Ras Biokineticists believe muscles work together in synergy along myofascial lines and make sure to restore functional movement patterns in all three planes of movement. We use a variety of modalities to treat imbalances including the use of kinesiology taping applications to bring attention to the body area. Our focus is on patient education and helping each patient understand their body and injury better.

Our mission statement at Deidre Ras Biokineticists is “MOVE BETTER MOVE MORE,” which reflects our goal of improving the quality of our patient’s lives by teaching them how to move optimally. We empower our patients by educating them about the human body and how to take the best care of their body.

Our team consists of two passionate Biokineticists. Deidre Ras, owner and Senior Biokineticist, has 8 years’ experience in helping people move pain free. She has a vast knowledge in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and a special interest in Women’s Health, guiding women with exercise and recovery during pregnancy and post-partum. Lauren Gedye joined the team in 2021 and has a passion for orthopeadic rehabilitation. She has vast knowledge in the management and treatment of low back patients.

We can help with: Low Back Pain · Knee Pain · Other Joint Related Pain · Running / Sport Injuries · Posture Improvement · Post Operative Rehabilitation · Pre- & Post Pregnancy Training · Diastasis Recti Rehabilitation · Injury Prevention · Improvement of Movement Patterns · Balance & Proprioception Improvement · Joint Stability / Mobility · Vitality Fitness Assessment

We are open Monday to Friday – for more information have a look at our website, www.rasbiokinetics.co.za or you can contact us on 061 713 1909 or info@rasbiokinetics.co.za.