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Soccer registration now open and training has started!

All teams from U6-U17, Ladies, Seniors & Vets soccer.

Great benefits includes age-specific training, league matches and the kit is included in the fees.

10% Discount on food and drinks, for the parents we have a discounted Parent social membership at 50%

Make new friends, get fit and come join this vibrant section!!

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Season: February to September

Age groups: 

Little league: U6-U10, boys & girls in same teams (matches on Saturday mornings)                       

Junior league: U11 – U17, boys and girls in same teams (matches on Sunday)                       

Senior league: Adults from 18 years on. (matches on Saturday afternoons)                     

Vets league: Adults 35 + ( matches on Wednesday nights)                       

Ladies league: Ladies from 15 years + ( matches on Friday nights)


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Committee Members

  • Sylvania Sheppard, Chairlady
  • Ashley Goncalves, Vice Chairman
  • Micaela Pimenta, Secretary
  • Olivia Fritz, Ladies manager/ Assistant secretary.
  • Burton Summers, Treasurer.
  • Craig Weideman, Assistant treasurer.
  • Colin Fritz, Ladies coach/ Committee member
  • Travis Kitch, Head of junior coaching/ Committee member.
  • Stefano Mugnaioni, VETS coordinator.
  • Thabo Kwinana, Committee member
  • Marlon Allamby, Committee member
  • Guy Freemantle, Committee member
  • Gareth Kalk, Committee member
  • Nayan Khadua, Committee member
  • Roland Carries, Committee member
  • Burton Summers, Committee member

Training Times:

  • U6-U11 Monday and Wednesday from 17:30-18:30
  • U12-U17 Tuesday and Thursday from 17:30-19:00
  • Ladies Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 18:00-19:30
  • Seniors (18+) Tuesday and Thursday from 19:00-20:30

All times are dependent on loadshedding schedules

Development at the club

Development at Old Parks refers not only to development of a member as a soccer player but also of an individual, teaching them both soccer skills and life skills. At Old Parks, in line with our coaching syllabus, we ensure that as players mature the development process continues, ultimately producing more skillful players who have a good sound soccer technique.

Players from all levels participate in an active lifestyle attending regular scheduled training sessions and matches, where “win at all costs” is NOT the buzz word. Old Park’s vision is to constantly improve its development processes and the knowledge of its coaches, thus ultimately improving the quality of players who possess varying abilities and skill levels.

Players who represent Old Parks are from various cultural backgrounds, who by working together, form solid relationships, display an understanding for each other and learn co-operation, cementing friendships both on and off the field of play.

Coaching structure

In achieving the above, as a club we identified the need to not only improve our coaching standards, which we believe will ultimately improve our player standards, but also structure what we coach to a player on the technical and tactical sides. Thus, Old Parks adopted a technical training syllabus, which the coaches use as guidelines to ensure that the young players are developed in accordance with, not only their physical abilities, but also their mental abilities.

It is our belief that each section in our club is dependent on the other sections and as such we encourage the sections to assist each other wherever possible.


Every player needs to complete and submit both a club registration form and a Rand Central Local Football Association registration form to become a member of Old Parks Club and to be eligible to represent Old Parks in official RCLFA matches and to be registered to participate in the soccer leagues.

Please contact the club’s registration official, Mantombi Radebe on 011-789-3274 or your coach, to provide you with the relevant registration forms.

All your registration documents can be handed in at training to your child’s coach or to the Director of Coaching, Travis Kitch.

Old Parks soccer falls under the jurisdiction of the RCLFA, an official league structure that in turn falls under the jurisdiction of SAFA. RCLFA has a website that on which you can find details such as, fixtures, results, log tables, cup games:

Once you have registered with the club please remember to update the club should any of your information change. The club’s email address is If you are unsure if your child is committed or interested enough, you / he / she are / is welcome to ‘try out’ at one or two training sessions before joining officially. Please confirm this with the relevant coach.

Registration is normally on the 1 st Sunday in February, the throughout the soccer season, March to September.

New player registration with the RCLFA will be required before the player can be carded by the RCLFA to participate in any league matches. Your child will however still be able to train at Old Parks. New players previously registered with another club in South Africa will require to have a letter of release from that club before we are able to register the player with Old Parks FC


The costs to become a member of Old Parks Sports Club depend on whether you are an adult, student, scholar, and on which section / s you wish to join (i.e. there is a fee to become a member of the club, plus a fee to join a section).

The fee structure is readily available from the club’s registration official, Mantombi Radebe:

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